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Previous Entry My real intro Jul. 3rd, 2008 @ 11:37 pm Next Entry
Hi all.

Listen, someone somehow distracted me when I was half asleep, and while I'm happy to be a member, I don't appreciate having someone post an abismal post under my name, so here's my real intro to the group:

1. What is your name/age/location?

Just call my my user name/23/Alaska

2. What dojo (if any)?

None: Independent study

3. What arts do you do? What made you choose this art(s)?

Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, Southern Five Animals. My preferances lean towards Chinese Martial Arts styles, and I've been interested in Five Animals style. Plus, I have some basic training in Northern Shaolin.

Also, I'm studying Twin Dao/Broadsword, Jian/Straightsword, Nunchaku, throwing blades, and am looking at fan and hookswords. These are all weapons I felt some kind of draw to the moment I saw them.

4. Is there something specific about your abilities that sets you apart from the rest? What would you consider your 'signature'?

None really, but I tend to mess with people's heads as a defense technique (seriously, it's necessary to survive with the people that surround me)

5. Do you have any belts? Do you compete?

No, maybe once I can find an actual school to study at.

6. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your enthusiasm? Is it your life, your sport, your job or your hobby?

9. I refuse to give up Kung Fu for any reason, even an injury.

7. Are you interested in meeting people in your area to spar/train/practice/play?

I would, but I know by now there's noone in my town.

8. Any particular website you would suggest people visit for information on martial arts?

Sorry, I've got none.
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