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1. What is your name/age/location?
Simeon/23/Wellington - New Zealand

2. What dojo (if any)?
Muay Thai Institute formerly known as VUW kickboxing

3. What arts do you do? What made you choose this art(s)?

Muay thai, I have found nothing better for strengthening my mind, body, and spirit.
The people i train with are great.

4. Is there something specific about your abilities that sets you apart from the rest? What would you consider your 'signature'?

I'm pretty decent at reading and reacting. Good with my legs.

5. Do you have any belts? Do you compete?


6. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your enthusiasm? Is it your life, your sport, your job or your hobby?

Its not what I do, its what I am.

7. Are you interested in meeting people in your area to spar/train/practice/play?


8. Any particular website you would suggest people visit for information on martial arts?

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